Registration Guidelines:

Guidelines for Final Documents Submission

Prior to submission of the final paper, all authors of the accepted paper need to carry out the following steps:

1.Generation of the final PDF file and validation of the manuscript:

The final manuscript length should be 6-8 pages.
The Author should use the conference paper ID mentioned in the acceptance letter for any future communications, it can be used for proceeding further in the payment gateway.
The final manuscript PDF file should be sent along with its source document [Ms-Word/LaTex]

2. Conference registration

In order to complete the registration to the conference, each paper must be covered by an author registration. An author conference registration includes presentation and publication of 1 submission.

Registration fee

will be updated soon.

Payment Method

will be updated soon.

3.Publishing Agreement

The aforementioned three documents should be forwarded to the conference on or before the registration deadline mentioned in the acceptance mail.

After submitting the final documents, authors will receive the acknowledgement. Further, the conference presentation schedule will be uploaded in the conference homepage and also the corresponding details will be sent via Email to the corresponding author a week before the conference.

The presentation time limit is 15-Minutes. There is no particular template for PowerPoint Presentation or slide limits should not exceed 12.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Cancellation after registration is not permitted.